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TeleMetrix measures and controls bulk products in the industry. Weighing, monitoring, regulation of the bulk products industry. Design of dynamic weighing equipment.

Our company

TeleMetrix manufactures and installs end-to-end solutions, from consulting to on-site installation of specialized products in dynamic weighing, weighing mobile loads and bulk product handling.
Design of dynamic weighing equipment.
Dynamic Weighing
Mass flow meter
Weight doser
Static Weighing
Weighing sensor
Level measurement
Cable emergency stop
Rotation controller
Weighing platforme
Flow regulation

Expertise at the service
your business

Our expertise in weighing,
dosing and handling bulk products

  • Extractive
  • Food
  • Environment
  • Construction

Our products and solutions

Telemetrix works with the mineral production industries and any industrialist who handles powders and bulk products (waste, metals, minerals of all types, building materials, coal…), which needs to know, manage and regulate its production.

Dynamic weighing
Static weighing
Industrial measurement control


Weighing data centralization software allows us to view/share the information transmitted by our TELEMETRIX equipment through the 3G/4G network.

Each piece of equipment can be monitored (alarms), recorded and tele-maintained

Our company

The definition, research and development of products and services that meet the expectations of our customers, but also the provision of weighing solutions adapted to their requirements and their business.
It is 25 years of effort, of everyday work, that the women and men of TeleMetrix pursue today, all driven by the same desire to reconcile innovation, development and reliability.


TeleMetrix 2021 Product Guide

TeleMetrix 2021 Product Guide

Technical information on our range of dynamic weighing, load cells and conveyor safety. Product Guide Measurement Solutions, Control and Automation...

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